Marie Devine For The Divine Way
God has solutions for problems created by ignoring His wisdom

Marie Devine For The Divine Way
I know God has made a way of escape from the culture of bondage, debt, pollutions and sickness to an abundant life with no sorrow added.
I try to advise leaders how easy it is to solve world problems and give us a retirement lifestyle of edible landscaping and useful pets, a garden paradise. I need your help.  
We need to select and vote for candidates and advise leaders who will see the need to change course to save our health, relationships, and our planet.
This is part of a letter I wrote to the president when he was looking for a Special Envoy to the Islamic Nations:  I wanted to be an advisor.
I know that the skills I have are unique and powerful.  They come from a path I chose in August 1990; it was one of in-depth focus on holy writings of many religions and a strong focus on current events in governments, religions and world events and the connection between them.  There are easy workable solutions.
These skills we need in our president, National Security Adviser, Homeland Security Director, military advisers, counter-terrorism advisers, United Nations and European Union leaders as well as our own citizens.  We only need to lift truth into view.
Needed Skills:
           We must have knowledge of the root causes of conflicts including terrorism.
           We must have knowledge of various holy writings and how to coordinate and communicate correction in each religion without antagonizing the people.  It is not difficult, we only have to stay with "It is written in your holy book."
           We need to be followers of holy writing.  Someone who knows God is real is not going to follow someone who thinks He doesn't exist.
           We must be people who can see and hear all sides of a disagreement.
           We must be people that can be trusted to be impartial regarding nation or religion, being able to let truth lead to the common good.
           We must convey trustworthiness and true caring for all sides.
           We must appear in dress not to be antagonistic or dangerous to any religion or people.
I have these skills: they come from loving God and loving mankind, (in that order) and being willing to see that God's wisdom brings good results with no sorrow added man's wisdom is destroying our environment, our physical and emotional health, our family relationships and our peace.
I would like to be your adviser.
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