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More Letters Sent To World Leaders

Turn  your  world  to  the  Abundant  Life
Behold  the  Glory  of  God  !
God’s  way  has  value,  purpose,  and  gives  us  true  riches of
peace,  abundance,  freedom,  good  health,  and  family  closeness.
God’s way is a little garden; you don’t even have to own it.  Stay close to the land and nature.  Many things grow yearly without replanting, including fruit vines, fruit and nut trees as well as vegetables and flowers.  You get fresh foods, exercise, sunshine, something of interest and activity; you get abundance to share and help the needy.
The extra vegetation turns into better soil with composting, and food for feeding animals (useful pets) that give you fertilizer for your land,  will mow the extra land in your community, will give you milk to  drink and add to the eggs and grains to produce many wonderful foods.  The animals reproduce; give you hair, feathers, or skins, etc. for many useful things.  The bees from the abundance of vegetation produce honey and wax and pollinate the crops. You get good health, joy, peace and freedom to do things at your convenience.  Deut. 7:12-15, Qur’an 91. 111,112
All these riches come from God and keep your family together with a united effort and delight in what God has given you.  By helping in the garden and with the animals, the children learn how to provide for their families. Psalm 119:97-104.  Having many children is a blessing and a security with God’s way.  This is true social security. Psalm 128:3  The very young and the elderly can still have a useful life and still learn to love and care for each other.
With the abundance and the sharing, you have a community with no poor among you, and no need for war.  This is the love of your neighbors God calls for.  In addition, you are at the property daily to keep it in good repair and to enlarge it as you need or desire with the natural things around you.  
You get to enjoy the outdoor life of seeing things grow and having clean air and water around you, BECAUSE, with all this abundance, you have not polluted your environment and you can live a long life on the earth; that is the promise of God !
Great civilizations have risen and fallen, proving that God is true to His word.
When you know Leviticus 26, you know the past, the present and the future.
Man’s way makes you think you have a great abundance, but what you really have is bondage (slavery) to leave your family and home to pay for those things;  you only have the responsibility for your family and possessions, without time to enjoy them.
That is the deceitfulness of riches.   Deut. 31:16-30
Your children are raised by strangers and not learning how to be good sons and daughters, grandchildren and neighbors. Neither are they learning how to prepare for their future families.  You are working with strangers who usually don’t even live by you.  You lose the love of family and neighbors. Isaiah 2:6
 What you eat must be paid for, is polluted by processing or unnatural feeding and chemicals given to animals.   With the stress, lack of good foods, exercise and sunshine, you get sickness and diseases of long duration.  You lose your health.    Isaiah 1:29
Jesus said that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I (The Word of God,  my comment) have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.
No one is home to take care of the very young or the old… again strangers must do it and be paid to do it.  You reject having children because the expense is too great considering education, health care, fashion, and inventions etc. so  you lose your future care givers.  Psalm 107:41
 2Peter 2:19:  (They give PROMISE OF LIBERTY, but are servants of corruption.)
       Liberty: (independence, freedom, autonomy,  liberation, emancipation; authority,)  Covetous: (desirous, greedy, envious, jealous)
Vanity: (pride, conceit, arrogance; emptiness, uselessness, worthlessness, ineffectiveness, pointlessness)
Sports and music are not for separation for money and vanity, but for enjoyment of friends and family without competition and to be a joy and thanksgiving to God.
Glory  to  God.  Don’t miss out on the Abundant Life.   Speak Up.  Turn to life.
Select leaders who can bring us into the Abundant Life,  who know the importance of conforming to God’s way, not experimenting with their own free thinking.
Conservative:  traditional, conformist, careful, cautious, moderate, unadventurous, strict
Liberal:  free thinking, open-minded, tolerant, lenient, accommodating, nonjudgmental, hands-off       Register to vote:  www.govote.org to mail in your registration,  or go to the library etc.
 Day of Gathering:  Qur’an 64. 9,10;  Qur’an 110. 1-3
 Marie Devine   3023  Montgall Av   Kansas City, MO  64128  USA   July 19, 2007
Earth Science
Understanding for Peace and Abundance
The “deceitfulness of riches” and pride in “the work of our hands” has kept us from seeing the earthly Kingdom of God already here for us, described in the Bible. Deut. 31:16-20, 29
God is not limited to our expensive and ineffective inventions and science; but  He will let us have whatever science we want to trust in.
In God’s earthly science, the seas and the rivers open a way for people to cross over.  The earth can stand still or turn time back on a sundial without destroying the world.  (Think what that means, things are not what they seem.)  God said He will roll the heavens together like a scroll.  In His science, iron can float, mountains are moved out of our way, help is there when we need it.
In God’s kingdom science, Enoch, Elijah and Jesus rose into heaven without a man made vehicle for transportation.  Elijah out-ran a chariot and Philip was in another place after baptizing the Ethiopian.  The disciples in the boat were immediately on shore.
In God’s kingdom science, bitter water is made sweet; water comes out of a rock enough for multitudes; food falls from the sky or never runs out for you; a little food can feed multitudes and have some remaining.  God’s kingdom science for earth is that sicknesses and infirmities are healed.  The blind see, the deaf hear, the dumb speak, the lame walk, the dead are raised to life and limbs are restored.
In God’s earthly science, His kingdom of rulership, kingdom deliverances come not from military might, but by heavenly hosts, invisible sources, one or a few against a multitude.  He warns of the plans of the enemy in.  2Chron 20
Jesus said, “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations, then shall the end come.”  Matthew 24:14
The Kingdom of God is for us.  We know the past, the present and the future … and how to solve problems by Leviticus 26.  Read all 26.)  26:3  If ye walk in my statutes, and keep my commandments and do them;  26:4  Then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit.    26:6 And I will give you peace in the land… but if you will not hearken unto Me….
The good news (gospel) of Jesus Christ is “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.”  With our repentance, (turning from our ways to God’s ways), God has promised to forgive our sins and remember them no more.  He washes us clean by the blood Jesus shed on Calvary (for God’s law is, without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins. Matthew 6:33, 
THE  KINGDOM  IS  READY  AND  GOD  IS  WAITING.              Marie Devine
Truth Brings Religions into One and Peace
To:   Peacemakers Around the World,  
    Subject:  Truth Brings Religions into One and Peace … There is Only One God
Many divisions in religion come from misunderstanding what was “nailed to the cross”   in Colossians 2:13-15
  13 And you, being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, hath he quickened together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses;
  14 Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross;
  15 And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.
It was the devil’s handwriting of sins, (laws broken) that were against us and contrary to us.  That is what Jesus took out of the way, nailing it to his cross,  spoiling principalities and powers, triumphing over them.  Jesus triumphed over the devil’s charges against us.
All God’s written laws are not against us, but for us.  Many of the scriptures in the book recognize God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  His command throughout the Bible was obey and be blessed or BE CURSED FOR NOT FOLLOWING GOD’S COMMANDS.  Leviticus 26   Deuteronomy 28  Matthew 4:4: Jesus: man lives by EVERY word of God.
In “Ten Commandments Twice Removed”, a book I received this week, the author invited correction if it could be found in scripture.  We should all have such a heart for correction… it is the only way to purity and godliness… seeing God face to face.  His statement that all but the Ten Commandments were nailed to the cross are in error as shown above.
As prophesied in the book of Danial, the Catholic Church came in and changed times and seasons…. They took away all the laws of the God of Israel and changed from Saturday Sabbath to Sunday Sabbath, and changed the Feasts of God into Easter and Christmas.
All things must be restored to observing God’s true word before Jesus comes in the flesh.
Since it was the Catholic Church, the mother church of all protestant churches, (the bible calls her the mother of harlots),  she should be one of the first to bow the knee before the word of God for correction….
The joy of this sacrifice for correction
will far outshine the sorrow of Christ correcting them later.
We cannot wait for them.  Each church stands alone before God to see if we be true.
Marie Devine     3023 Montgall Av  Kansas City,  MO  64128  USA      July 25, 2007 

Better Energy Policy -- Immediate Solutions
January 24, 2007     TO   ALL
Subject: BETTER   ENERGY   POLICY-- Immediate Solutions    
For less energy usage, less pollution and greater freedom
from our bondages to oil.....
        * There is a better way than government is proposing.
             * It is easily workable
        * It can be an immediate reduction of at least 1/7th usage
             * It is equal for all
        * It incurs no new costs or investments
             * It can be accepted universally for greater international unity quickly
Added Benefits:
        * Better lifestyle
        * Better family and neighborhood relationships
        * Better health by relieving stress and reducing pollution     .
One same day of no work would accomplish all this.
Friday Sunset to Saturday Sunset is the only workable time;
God commanded it not to be changed and many follow that.
Saturday is also called "the day of rest" in many languages.
ALL major religions are told to reverence these scriptures; Exodus 20:8-11.

No one needs to believe in God to use this day for
unity, greater prosperity of health and savings: benefits
for a Better America and probably the world.
This has been proposed for a long time now;
WHY has it not been brought forward for public discussion? 
Perhaps the public needs to press the government for them to consider it.

Thank You and God Bless You With Wisdom   
Marie Devine  (address)     email address
London Bombings  Reasons and Preventions
July 18, 2005    London Bombings  Reasons and Preventions
Your opinions are important; let them be heard among acquaintances and government.  God bless you with courage to use the word God in your

In God's Love,
Marie Devine
July 17, 2005
Dear President Bush, Tony Blair, UN, EU and Michael  Chertoff;
                      RE:  London Bombings   Reasons and Preventions
Security people are trying to determine why London was  bombed and why now.  There is a reason.
God has been showing evidences that the industrialized  nations and leaders of nations are traveling a dangerous  road that will soon destroy us.  They refuse to listen.
Consider this: (Without considering the existance of God):
     Natural human wisdom can see that if the United Nations
     and the European Union are successful to bring  manufacturing, employment,    every family have a car, every  woman has an equally paid position outside the home,  every child freely can go to college, and we all took  tourist trips...
we would still polute ourselves from off  this world.  We would still fight one nation against
 another.  Our children still would not understand family
 relationships and lawlessness would continue.
Prime Minister Tony Blair has just taken over the
 leadership of the European Union and has determined to
 "modernize" Europe and Britian which continues the
 "bottomless pit" of using money as a source of
 corrections for the pollutions and destructions that our
 past has created.  God's solution is easy, and lasting and
 corrects many suffering conditions of mind, body and
He refuses God's way... so terrors follow.
Consider also: 
the United Nations has gone through
 reviews and a 60 year anniversary of Harry Truman's
 signing of the U. N. Charter with the words:
"Let us not fail to grasp this supreme chance to
 establish a world-wide rule of reason -        to create
 an enduring peace under the guidance of God."         
They also, with United States approval,
have also
 rejected God's way --judgment is in the world NOW.
 The same God who guides the hearts of all men (including
 terrorists) also directs the waves of the seas. 
Consider, is the terror of hurricanes, volcanos,
 tornados, hail, tsunami or JUST heavy rain less
 destructive than a suicide bomber?  or more destructive? 
DO REMEMBER,  The promise of God is that there is a
 preventative for all those terrors
.... and you would be
 surprised how fast it can change us into a world of true
I know how it works .... by Leviticus 26.
I am willing to speak to anyone in public or private.
 God bless you with courage  in Jesus' name.  
Marie Devine,  contact information

Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease and More
July 28, 2005  Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease and More

To:  United Nations' Nations, World Health Org.,
and President Bush and All:
     Regarding: Cure and Prevention of Mad Cow Disease, Bird Flu and More, 
                     Even Human Diseases
Doctor D. C. Jarvis wrote two best selling books.
One was "Folk Medicine".
The one I have is from1960, a paperback:  
                  "Arthritis and Folk Medicine".
(A Fawcett Crest Book)  Saying that with our
modernized "more efficient" methods of feeding
man and
animals, and our way of fertilizing the lands, we
have changed the "ph" of the foods (from acid to alkaline), and
it is causing diseases in man and animals.
He wrote the book in an easy to understand, yet scientific approach
of reasons, examples, and proofs of various case studies on both men,
women, children and farm animals including cows and chickens.
He gives doses and results of adding an acid
like apple cider vinegar
to the diets and the amazing and
quick results. Germs and viruses cannot thrive in our
natural acid balance  but the body becomes a breeding ground
when the foods we take in are more alkaline. 
"Lack of acid allows body fluids to thicken while the intake of acid
thins these liquids
, allowing them to more through the body
with greater ease. " Calcium "stuck" in tissues and organs etc.
was released into solution to be used by the body effectively
to strengthen bones and teeth... (like vinegar cleans an encrusted teapot).
     For people:  2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar
     mixed first with 2 teaspoons of honey,  
     then water added and mixed again and sipped with meals (3) 
     if not AM and PM, or between meals.
Both the vinegar and honey are acid in reaction and make
body tissues tender and create normal tissue juices. Body fluids
are prevented from becoming thick and cloudy.
The results of adding small amounts of apple cider vinegar
to the diet was that animals grew more quickly to maturity so
they could breed them earlier; they were stronger, had easier
healthy birthings and babies and gave more milk while
requiring less food.  Many of these results were similar for women.

Milk fever in cows has similar symptoms to mad cow disease
and was cured with: 
     2 ounces apple cider vinegar poured over rations at each feeding
     (2) It also prevented cows from getting it from neighboring cows with
     milk fever. 
     For healthy chickens 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar
     was added to 1 gallon of water,
diarrhea stopped immediately and the chickens feathered out and
matured quickly.
Our planet was designed for individual type farms and gardens,
not corporate foods to be trucked around the country or world,
leading to pollution of foods and environment...
as well as bringingpeople into servitude one to another. 
True freedom and true equality is where each family can
grow their own foods and have no need to be separated in search
of employment and money.  With our "modern" system, much of
our income is spent in sickness or accident related periods. 
We need to choose the way of wisdom over the deception of
"perceived progress."

Distribute this message for people to put the proper protections in place
until we turn our world around. God bless you with courage to make the change that will bring SHALOM = TRUE PEACE and TRUE SOCIAL SECURITY.  That would be a true INDIVIDUAL RETIREMENT PROGRAM.
Marie Devine, 430 N Belmont Blvd, Kansas City, Mo.64123,  email address

August 6, 2007

To the Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation,
           Youth for Alliance of Civilizations
            Affiliates of the Organization of Islamic Conference,
The Lord our God is One God.   Glorious is that pronouncement and it is the key to do abundantly above all that you can say or ask or think; for it is the promise of God for all nations.
Forget not that you are to be an ISLAMIC CONFERENCE. The Islam religion of today cannot complete the mission of the prophet Muhammad.  It is not now submitted to the word of God to the prophet.  With correction, God’s mission through the prophet can gather all nations to be “submitted to the word and the will of God”  peacefully.
It is commentaries that get in the way and pass error from one generation to another …
In all religions, when you turn to the right or the left of what God has caused to be written, you begin to separate people.  Your solution is in recognizing corruptions in your own teachings, like the change of 7:157-159 (?) In some Qur’ans.  the words, “the prophet that can not read or write” were added to the newer translations…  The prophet Muhammad himself said “I am a messenger to you all”… support “him”, meaning Isa who supported Moses and the prophets. 
Read the Qur’an to see what it really says.  Al-Baqarah 2.26, 36, 136, 53, 93, 62, 63.  God sent the prophet Muhammad to get the Christians and Jews to follow the Torah, the Gospel AND the prophets… the bible that was with them in 600+ AD. 
If you want the truth that God promises will overcome all evil, you must be willing to acknowledge that some of the error is in your religion… it is true of all religions.  No religion has been commanded to make images of anything, but have been commanded not to make images.  In this alone, you can see how corrupted from God’s truth we are.
You are placed in a position of power to multiply the truth; multiply this truth and see what our mighty God can do;  He has prepared the way before you.
Do not send attachments, many won’t read them. Forward, or Copy and Paste a new letter if you must. The hyperlinks in the letters are a quick study for all religions to see God’s guidance through the prophets including Muhammad.
God never stops trying to correct His people… The “Seal of the Prophets” is as a president’s seal upon the Torah, Gospel and prophets of the Bible.  He was a confirming prophet warning people to follow God’s word; you will be fulfilling the mission when you multiply this truth and support it with your prayers and your voice to your leaders… peacefully.
I will follow this with 3 letters that were sent by email to all the United Nations’ member nations on 7-19-07.  They give the understanding that the Garden of God’s promise is in a different direction from the money focus this world has taken.  Money is not the solution; money is the obstacle.  The solution is to back away from our culture until you find the easy way to accomplish true wealth without polluting our world or exalting one people over another. 
Allah’s blessing be upon you always,
Marie Devine,   3023 Montgall Av,   Kansas City, Missouri 64128  USA 

Proselytizing: Converting Within Other Religions

This is one of many letters of solutions sent:
September 12, 2007, 3:55 pm Central (Kansas City- USA) Time....
In Israel, this is the day of the Feast of Trumpets, a time of great announcements.
I had not expected to be sending a letter out, but God had other plans.
Proselytizing: Converting Within Other Religions 

Religions Among Nations - Barriers  -- There is a Way to Remove Barriers.
Pope Benedict XVI, and the United Nations and other high level religious notables are trying to devise a code of conduct on how to do outreach for conversions from other faiths without offending and causing conflicts among religions and its people.  The pope has recently considered or actually revived a Council on Interreligious Dialogue.  In 2001 before the September 11th destruction of the World Trade Center, the United Nations  began an effort that has resulted in "High-Level Group for the Alliance of Civilizations", a group of 18  notables and specialists in the field of inter-civilizational and intercultural relations". for the purpose of breaking down barriers in religion and bringing unity and or peace.
With the present understandings within religions, there is no way to "convert people to the "truth as you see it" in your "one true way to salvation.""  without offending other cultures and their leaders and peoples.  

Let us remember that "the one true way to salvation" is the driving force of why religions do outreach.  They fear that others will be "lost in a dreadful after-life";  and they are not wrong, for that is the word of God.  There shall be gnashing of teeth etc. and great sorrow and torment.
With the strength of that understanding, it is love that drives religions to outreach, and let us not forget that.
IT IS FOUND IN TRUTH,  and all religions founded on holy writings agree on the power of TRUTH. There are no such religions believing that their are more than ONE SUPREME GOD OVER ALL... THE HOLY SCRIPTURES AGREE THERE IS ONE GOD SUPREME OVER ALL OTHER BEINGS AND THINGS. 
Isaiah 44 Isaiah 40-45 is powerful.
One loving God has not fought against Himself, Jesus said, "A kingdom divided against itself shall fall."  From creation, God has directed His people one way.  No direction cancels out a previous word unless it is foretold and specifically detailed as "Thus saith the Lord".  God puts His word in stone as the Ten Commandments and specifies they are forever.  He had them engrave on stones in Mount Ebal, and on metal plates to prove they are forever true.  The Ark of the Covenant that is to come forward when people begin to fully believe will have the Book of the Law (Books of Moses) inside.  God has many truths coming forward in these last days... like the Isaiah scrolls.
God calls what we call the Books of Moses His Law.  Every kingdom must have a law and this was His law for the "promised land." Like in the garden of Eden, those who refused to follow God's direction were placed out of the garden.
That is how the kingdom of God is.  You are free to do your own ways, that is your right, (human rights); but you cannot do them within the kingdom territory. 
With the strength of these statements, THIS IS THE GATHERING OF RELIGIONS INTO THE ONE TRUE GOD.  When each religion sees that the Law through Moses is clearly presented as a "do this and be blessed and do not do this and be cursed" directive in their holy writings, this will be the beginning of strength and unity.  The tablets of stone, the Ten Commandments, are the chief corner stone and will be the beginning of the building the Kingdom of God.  2Nephi 29, Leviticus 26
The Law of God (the Books of Moses, the Torah) have been the barrier between religions ... as each religion refused to follow them, (though they were willing to refer to them).  Jesus said, "It is not those who say Lord, Lord, but those who do the will of my heavenly Father that shall enter into the kingdom".  (That should not be surprising since the Kingdom of God is where people do what the King (God) says.  How could it be His kingdom without submission to His will?)

This is why the people of "Islam", which means submission to God's will, say only complete submission to God's will is acceptable worship; all others are infidels, right now, unfortunately, that includes them.
No religion that I am aware of is following the word of God to their prophets... for in no word has He commanded to make pictures of anything, but rather has forbid it.
This is the "wheel within a wheel"  in Ezekiel's vision:  many religions looking away from the word, holding onto only a piece and condemning others for doing the same,  only moving when their religious leaders say "move".  Ezekiel 1 and  10
Jews have the Torah (law) and wait for a Messiah to establish a government.
Christians have the whole Bible with the Torah and expect Jesus (the word of God) to establish the government upon his shoulder: (he is the word of God.)
The Muslims have the Qur'an with the primary message being to Christians and Jews to follow the Torah, prophets and gospel they had in their bible in 600+ AD.  They expect the Mahdi to come and establish a world wide government with the word of God to their prophet.  (who said to follow the whole Bible of 600+ AD)
The Hindus/Buddhists have the Bhavagad Gita, the Vedas and Purana, with the message to do all things according to God's law.  The symbolism of the faithful follower being directed to destroy his glorious religious teachers is that although they brought him so far in the knowledge of God, they have misinterpreted the word of God and you are better off put them behind you and to follow the word of God from the written scriptures than to trust someone else to guide you.
Baha'i and Zoroaster religions and divisions have again taught to forsake the errors of the past and follow the law of God.  They also expect a world wide religious correction to come.
We can establish it now on our own.   If we do not recognize the power for correction now and the establishing of His law now, in our governments, we will endure a period of woe.  Jesus did not come back after he was risen from the dead and say "OK, now do you believe me? Repent! Turn from your wicked ways!"  No, he went away and left it to his followers and his return is not until we want to follow God's word.
IN ANY NATION NOW, if the leaders will proclaim that their government laws will now be the Word of God in the Torah and their holy books, great glory would break out throughout that nation.
    Marie Devine   3023 Montgall Av   Kansas City, MO 64128  USA



Dear Friend
Thinking of you, thought you would appreciate this and multiply it. Reuben is in Iraq.  God does have solutions when the people are ready.
God Bless You,
October 10, 2007
Dear Reuben,
God bless you as you go through these trials.  I know they must be difficult.
Be encouraged; God does have a solution and a way to bring all troops home honorably ...  and to win the war on terror... so all are happy about it.
I attend the Seventh Day Adventist Church four blocks from my home because I have no church that observes Torah, Prophets and Gospel in my area and they are the closest to it.
I am a strong follower of Jesus Christ (Isa in the Quran), but he followed the Torah (five books of bible, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy) and the Prophets.
He said "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by EVERY word that proceeds from the mouth of God."  He also said "I did not come to destroy the Law (Torah) or the Prophets, but I come to fulfill"  That means that those things the prophets wrote concerning him, he accomplished (fulfilled), but God said  "not to add to  nor diminish" from His word.    This is important, because it is part of the solution.
God's solution and part of my story are at:
      type allhttp://www.forthedivineway.com
Truth breaks down errors...lies.... Muslims expect that truth will win the victory; it is written in the Quran.
All religions have received lies...errors that must be corrected.
Lies from religious leaders create violence and continue violence from both sides
Truth that end the lies and creates peace include:
       Allah means "the God" in Arabic.  God told Moses "I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob; ...that is My name and My memorial forever." Exodus 3:6, 15, 16   Allah is the God Jesus worshiped. Quran 42:14 
       The primary message of the Quran is to follow the full Bible of 600+ AD.  It was a corrective message for Christians to follow the Torah, Prophets and the Gospel.  It was a message for the Jews to follow the Prophets and the Gospel.  To unbelievers, it was another witness God sent to confirm that the Bible should be followed in truth.   SADLY, NEITHER CHRISTIAN, JEWS, NOR MUSLIMS ARE FOLLOWING THE BIBLE IN FULL. Many Quran and Bible links are in the web site.
        Another important truth:  The Quran points to following the Bible.
        It does not contain the Bible or replace the Bible.  Reading any part of the Bible confirms this.
        For Christians and Jews:  the Gospel or New Testament does not replace the "Old Testament".  The New Testament, is a new testimony through Jesus Christ that God's word through His prophets before are true in the rest of the Bible and we should live by them.
All Muslims sects have the same word through Muhammad.  The numbering is slightly different in each.  But another error is in saying  Quran 7:156-159 says to follow the prophet Muhammad,  In a clear reading, the prophet is saying to follow another, the one written in the Torah and Gospel.  That would be Isa, son of Mary.. Jesus Christ.
STRATEGY:  Give this web site address to MANY IRAQI people.  This message will be a joy for them.
                     Get your commanders to use this web site address as one of his weapons to fight them, but also to fight the evil in us.   This will not be establishing a religion, because there are thousands of religions that believe in the HOLY BOOKS FROM GOD.
                       Get your commanders to order these weapons: English-Arabic translations of the King James Bible and the Quran... both without commentary.  Distribute them to Iraqi families.  They will take them, if only to help them learn English.  Distribute them also to the US TROOPS British etc.  When the Muslims know you intend to read the Quran, they will have respect for you and most fighting will stop if you stop your aggression... because the Quran commands that when your aggression stops, they are commanded to stop and forgive.
NOTE: There are errors in the Quran.  Don't fear them or argue them; the truth that point to Jesus Christ (Isa) as the prophet to be followed and the truth of the Bible will overshadow any error.  When people refused to believe, God allowed error it come in.  FEAR NOT.
It is correction that God wants for all...  It must come for peace to come, not only in Iraq, but Afghanistan, Israel, and Palestine.. The way is prepared.  God's truth is His power.  He cannot lie.
Great destructions are promised upon the wicked and we all must be careful that we do not fall in the category of those wicked people who refuse to follow His word... including His holy Sabbaths as written in Exodus 20.
God Bless You All,
Marie Devine,   3023 Montgall Av,  Kansas City, MO 64128  USA
Prophets Agree - Ellen G White
October 18, 2007
For Reporters of News,  Know that an effort is on-going to end religious strife and to bring about the peace that we all want.  Only the Word of God has the solution.  Only the fear of God can bring the Osama Bin Ladens to surrender to His Word and His peace. 
Please understand this:  If there should be peace in Israel before the people of Israel turn to following the word of God in truth, THERE WOULD BE NO GOD.  English translation:  There will be no peace in Israel until they turn to be a people who desire God's way.  And it is the same for the rest of us.  War and destruction are determined by God until we accept His Word in truth.  These are the last of the last days. 
See my website:  http://www.forthedivineway.com to see what a wonderful life is waiting for us... and how to get it.  What follows is direction for churches to see correction.
Marie Devine
October 18, 2007
Dear Lovers of God,
My message has been "You are not following what God has given to your prophet, but if you did, we could have unity and peace instead of conflict and war."  An example, and a message of correction for all is in these writings from the prophet of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  They are not following it, but neither are you.  All need correction to avoid the wrath of God that will come upon those who do not delight in God's truth.  Jesus has warned many:  "I am coming soon."
Early Writings by Ellen G. White copyright 1882
                 "The Mystery of Iniquity"   page 215    
                  "Introduction"  also page 138
"The Mystery of Iniquity"  Page 215:   ( continual quote)
"Satan could not hinder the plan of salvation.  Jesus was crucified, and rose again the third day.  But Satan told his angels that he would make the crucifixion and resurrection tell to his advantage.
He was willing that those who professed faith in Jesus should believe that the laws regulating the Jewish sacrifices and offerings ceased at the death of Christ, if he could push them farther and make them believe that the law of ten commandments also died with Christ.
I saw that many readily yielded to this device of Satan.  All heaven was moved with indignation as they saw the holy law of God trampled underfoot.  Jesus and all the heavenly host were acquainted with the nature of God's law; they knew that He would not change or abrogate it.
The hopeless condition of man after the fall caused the deepest sorrow in heaven, and moved Jesus to offer to die for the transgressors of God's holy law.
But if that law could be abrogated, man might have been saved without the death of Jesus.
Consequently His death did not destroy the law of His Father, but magnified and honored it and enforced obedience to all its holy precepts.
Had the church remained pure and steadfast, Satan could not have deceived them, and led them to trample on the law of God. 
In this bold plan, Satan strikes directly against the foundation of God's government in heaven and on earth.  His rebellion caused him to be expelled from heaven.
After he rebelled, in order to save himself he wished God to change His law, but was told before the whole heavenly host that God's law was unalterable.
Satan knows that if he can cause others to violate God's law, he has gained them to his cause; for every transgressor of that law must die.
Satan decided to go still farther.  He told his angels that same would be so jealous of God's law that they could not be caught in this snare; the ten commandments were so plain that many would believe that they were still binding, and therefore he must seek to corrupt only one of the commandments. 
He then led on his representatives to attempt to change the fourth, or Sabbath, commandment, thus altering the only one of the ten which brings to view the true God, the Maker of the heavens and the earth. 
Satan presented before them the glorious resurrection of Jesus, and told them that by His rising on the first day of the week.  He changed the Sabbath from the seventh to the first day of the week."   
Thus Satan used the resurrection to serve his purpose.
(End of page 215--216 in this letter)
"Introduction"   page 137-138    warning of false prophets, continual quote.
Last paragraph page 137:
"Thus the attempt to prove from Scripture the abolution of spiritual gifts, proves a total failure.
And since the gates of hades have not prevailed against the church, but God still has a people on earth, we may look for the development of the gifts in connection with the third angel's message, a message which will bring back the church to apostolic ground and make it indeed the light --not darkness--of the world.
Again:  we are forewarned that there would be false prophets in the last days, and the Bible gives a test by which to try their teachings in order that we may distinguish between the true and the false. 
The grand test is the law of God, which is applied both to the prophesying and to the moral character of the prophets. 
If there were to be no true prophesying in the last days, how much easier to have stated the fact, and thus cut off all chance for deception, than to give a test by which to try them, as if there would be the genuine as well as the false.
In Isaiah 8:19, 20, is a prophecy of the familiar spirit of the present time, and the law is given as a test:  "To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is  because there is no light in them." 
Why say, "If they speak not,"... if there was to be no true spiritual manifestation or prophesying at the same time?  Jesus says, "Beware of false prophets...Ye shall know them by their fruits." Matt.7:15, 16.  This is part of the Sermon on the Mount, and all can see that this discourse has a general application to the church through the gospel age.
False prophets are to be known by their fruits: in other words, by their moral character.  The only standard by which to determine whether their fruits are good or bad, is the law of God. 
Thus we are brought to the law and to the testimony.  True prophets will not only speak according to this word, but they will live according to it.  One who speaks and lives thus, I dare not condemn."     (end of page 138)
From me:
I stand a Warner and a bearer of glad tidings among you. Jesus is coming and the destruction of all evil... Make sure you are "living by every word out of the mouth of God" as Jesus said.
If  you head for this, and ask forgiveness for ignoring God's law, He is faithful to forgive your sins and remember them no more.  Look to be in perfect unity with the word of God, He will bring you to it... and complete it in your life.
For those who looked for the appearance of Christ from 1838-1844, look at scriptures.lds.org at what God was trying to do through Joseph Smith Jr.  They also are not following, but look at the Doctrines and Covenants of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and see if God was not restoring those things of the Old Testament that were to be God's rule in the millennial kingdom.  He was killed.  People refused God's message through him.
To come out from among the world, see the Lord's guidance:  use the full address http: etc.
Look up, your salvation draws near... Choose eternal life, the retired life of a garden paradise.
God Bless You Always,
Marie Devine     3023 Montgall Av     Kansas City,  MO 64128  USA   October 18, 2007

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