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December 26, 2007
In this open letter to Muqtada al-Sadr, Marie Devine of Kansas City, Missouri hopes that all leaders of government and religion will see that God has prepared a way for unity and peace, but we must be willing to put away that which does not agree with the word of God.  Truth is our greatest weapon.
Regarding December 14, 2007--  Kansas City Star, 
 Today's Newsmaker : Muqtada al-Sadr                
 by The Associated Press
                 Militia leader studying to become an ayatollah 
An Open Letter to Muqtada al-Sadr  and Other Muslim Clerics,
It is a wise thing to seek greater understanding as to the things of God   It is the will of God  for all people..  Beware of the danger of thinking that the Islamic teachers can give you great wisdom;  if they had great wisdom, the Islamic nations would not be divided and despised in the world like the Christians and the Jews.   Focus yourself on the Word of God that He sent to the prophets.  He repeatedly directed the prophet Muhammad, recorded in the Qur'an,  that the Torah, Gospel, and Prophets were for the guidance of mankind, and they should judge by them..  Not even the Muslims are following that; so there can be no peace.  The God who cannot lie said, "There is no peace for the wicked."  It is a witness against many nations.
God has prepared the way for true submission to His word.  First,  truth is our weapon.  Any other weapon destroys peace and unity and blocks the enemy's desire for peace.   They become blinded.  Allah wants those who believe in His power to fight for them to stand as a cement wall (which does not fight or move against an enemy), He will fight their battles... The enemy has no power over peace-loving governments; they would have to leave.
First Weapon of Truth:  Allah is Arabic for "the God".   Allah told Moses, "I am  the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.
According to the Qur'an, He guided Abraham, Jesus and the prophets.  If He is the Muslim God, they should be following that word, and teaching the Christians and Jews to  follow that word from your prophet, because He was God's prophet to them, confirming the words of Jesus "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word out of the mouth of God." Matthew 4:4
Peace and satisfaction can come to the Israeli-Palestinians when they see God's law:  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."   Palestinians  moved out so  the Jews could be driven from the land; now they are themselves kept from the land.  All people must remember  another law of God:  "I will bless those who bless the seed of Abraham and curse those who curse them.."   God has pronounced it and He cannot lie.  Be careful your heart carries no hatred.  The goal is holiness and peace... there you will find room for negotiations.
When you choose to bless the seed of Israel, you can bless them best by telling them that their ways are against the ways of God and that you and the Muslims want to live in the purity and beauty of the word of God.... then, though you may disagree, you  are going in the same direction, you can come to the proper decision with God's written word... that must be in agreement throughout His word.    You can live together because God has said (not to oppress the stranger that dwells among you, who raises children in your midst)...  When your defense is the word of God, who can fight against it?   Know and live the fullness of the Bible, that is the message to your prophet.
Muslims have a prophecy that for 300 years, Islam would prosper but then would have 1,000 years  where it would not prosper, but in the end the truth would be known and the message to Muhammad would prevail.  That message is " Convey this message, and if you convey it not, you have not conveyed His message at all.  Say, O People of the Scriptures, you have nothing till you observe the Torah, the Prophets and the Gospel..."  He confirmed the Bible.
For those who focus on the differences in the Bible and the Qur'an, consider the stories as they are told in each book.  You will know which is truth because many prophets foretold the truth, it came to pass, and many generations acknowledged the truth.
The Book of Moses is engraved on Mount Ebal and other ways God protected His word.   The Qur'an was  written in gold immediately after the prophet Muhammad died and it will reveal any errors..  
For myself, I saw a rewritten portion of the Qur'an in the bookstore outside the entrance to the Dome of the Rock by Mufty Abu Gado's office in 1996 in Al-A Raf 7:158-159 changing "follow the immaculate one found in the Torah and the Gospel" to "follow the prophet who could not read or write"... However, God protects His word, because the second paragraph says "I, (Muhammad), am a messenger to you all... follow him that you may be rightly guided."   My Qur'an was from 1956.  I gave the information for the Mufty.
Qur'an   Al Jumu'ah 62:6  "The likeness of those who were made to bear the Torah, but would not bear it, is as the likeness of an ass carrying books."   Teaching is in error regarding the Sabbath Day of no work.  If God confirms that the Torah is for the guidance of men, and Exodus 20 gives the Commandments in Stone, including the 7th day Sabbath, you have misunderstood  62:10-12.  The call to prayer is made at the end of Friday's work,  "leave off all business" to begin the 7th day Sabbath of no work, no buying or selling, or doing your own pleasures...   That is the evidence to God of the uniting of His people.  It will begin the healing of the earth, cutting global warming and pollution, restoring families, restoring health by decreasing stress.  God can do many things for the world that will keep His ONE TRUE SABBATH, because He is ONE TRUE GOD for all mankind.   That is the ministry given to the prophet Muhammad, help to complete it.
The Qur'an, in Al Baqarah 2:144 says, "And thus have we made you an exalted nation, that you may be guardians over men, and the Messenger of God may be a guardian over you."   Believe this message.... It is the same message of Jesus, "Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."   The prophet Muhammad was told to say "I believe in all the books that Allah, (God) has sent down."  He confirms a book that had already gone forth for an appointed time, that only a few witnesses would see it.  That fits the Book of Mormon, not a superior book, just another testimony to the truth of the Bible and a witness that Muhammad and Joseph Smith Jr. were prophets bringing God's word for correction.
See more guidance in my website:  http://www.divine-way.com  . The goal is not employment and bondage, it is a retirement lifestyle of edible landscaping and useful animals for fresh healthy foods, a GARDEN of family togetherness, peace and joy..... the greatest riches.  It is Allah's way so we have an earth to inherit.  It is only ours if we show Him we want it.
I say to you now, that God has commanded that oil and wine be poured over my head in 1991.  He has pronounced before me, "All the power Moses had and more, you have if you use it to My will, otherwise you will have nothing."  Also it was spoken to me, "You will be doing great things in My name."   The power Moses had was to bring forth God's word to bring His people into His promised land.  I was in Israel from September 29, 1995 - November 26, 1996 (the year of two eclipses on holy days).  The people did not accept the word clearly written in their holy books.  I pray they will now.
I come to you saying, the word of God is true; God lives and reigns in truth now both in heaven and on earth.  Deuteronomy 18 fortells of Jesus Christ;  God's message is that those who will not follow that prophet will be cut off from His people.  "Believe the prophets, so shall ye prosper."  II Chronicles 20:20
Allah's blessings be upon you for this great purifying time.
Marie Devine
3023 Montgall Av 
Kansas City, MO 64128-1527
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