Jesus Letters June 6-8, 2011

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God's message through Jesus: # 68 in I  AM COMING Series
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The LORD JESUS Gave These Words to Sabrina on June 8, 2011:
Write it down MY daughter, these are MY words.
I, GOD love this world, as I have created her.  I, GOD Love MY creation as I have created her.  I, GOD Love MY people as I have created them.
Yet, I see that MY people do not love ME.  They reject their eternal GOD in ways that I can no longer allow to slip through MY fingers.  I see everyone's heart and very few are pleasing to ME.  Very few follow ME as they should.  So few, will therefore enter MY KINGDOM.
This deeply saddens ME as I had prepared so much for everyone.  Those who enter will be overwhelmed by MY Goodness and Generosity.  They will enjoy all the blessings put away for all MY children.  Their happiness will be continuously and endless, since they will fall into new delights every moment.
But MY HEART goes out to those who reject ME.  How cruel they treat their GOD.  People in the world do not know ME.  They live by their own standards, rules, and plans. They do not consider their eternal GOD.  If they do not accept MY SACRIFICE and do not enter through MY precious eternal BLOOD, hell waits for them, a dark place full of horrors for ever and ever.
I have put MY LAW in everybody's heart.  It is up to MY bride to wake them up.  They are the light in this world.  Tell them MY bride, search MY lost creation and tell them about their GOD Who is coming soon and still waits for them.
There is still time, but next to nothing.  Next to nothing MY children!  With each letter I write, the clock is ticking away mercilessly.  I, GOD have given you much time to repent, but still you think you have time.  I tell you, time is up!
Oh yes, you still have time after this letter, and before the next one, but one day, and that day comes very soon, these letters will stop and then MY bride will already be raptured in her Heavenly Rooms.  So be awake and watchful, because on a day that you do not expect, on a day that you think all is well and peaceful, your GOD is coming!
And I will only rapture those who truly seek ME.  The world knows ME not.  She has no knowledge of her GOD WHO daily pleads for her.  She knows ME not and has no knowledge of MY LOVE that I poured out in the form of MY BLOOD.  The world is lost, grandiose lost.
I, GOD gave everything for her, but she rejects ME grandiose.  She laughs with her ​​GOD, this means that she does know about her GOD, that she knows there is an eternal GOD. Everyone knows of their GOD in this life, everyone.  I, GOD have written it in their hearts.  Nobody has an excuse.
It is up to you, MY bride to light the fire in them and kill the arrows of the evil one.  Stay active MY bride until the day I come.  You are MY LIGHT, the only light in this dark, corrupt world.
MY HEART is heavy because MY children reject ME.  They have no sense of what is coming.  Nobody wants to listen!  O’ who will listen to their GOD?  Who will accept the ETERNAL SACRIFICE that I JESUS have brought to humanity?  Who will come in MY ETERNAL ARMS?
MY ARMS are still wide open for anyone who wants to come, to anyone, I regard not the person of men.  But the world has no sense of ME, as they go through life blinded, chasing their own lusts and desires.
What dismays ME the most is that MY own children do the same.  They act as children of the devil and not as children of the eternal GOD.  They are those who occupy MY church and entertain ME with their weekly programs.  I hate these programs!  I spit them out of MY MOUTH!
Who will preach about the coming of the LORD?
Who will preach about repentance?
Who will come before MY FACE and make confession of all the sin? I see many happy faces in MY church, while it is now a time of repentance and dismay.

Who will come and throw themselves down before their GOD?
Whose heart cry rises up in MY HEAVEN?...BEFORE MY THRONE of GRACE?

Who prepares his church for what will come?
Woe to you preachers!  Woe to you!  You drag MY people along in the darkness with your homemade sermons, your wicked words.  Perdition will be your part if you do not repent now and deeply regret!
Preach MY WORD and the truth and not your own homemade ​​sermons to please people so they can start the week with a good feeling.
O’ woe to you preachers and church leaders! You are responsible for many souls. NOW is the time of MY coming! PREACH MY COMING! What are you waiting for?

How many deaths you have yet to see before you heed what's happening in the world?
How many victims must there still fall?
How much blood must still flow?
I tell you, all the innocent blood will come down on your heads, because you have not warned MY people, MY church and let them live in the lie. They trust you. It is your responsibility to lead your flock as it should, in MY TRUTH and not in a lie as some of you are already doing for years.
Do you understand this? O’ spread this Word, MY WORD! So many may still enter. Many must yet enter, but time is so short, so extremely short.
If I would come tomorrow, are you and your church ready?
Have you fasted and prayed for your BRIDEGROOM?
Have you wept and cried and wailed for your BRIDEGROOM?
Have you rejoiced in your BRIDEGROOM?
Have you held evangelistic meetings to save people?
Were the miracles visible week after week in your meetings?
Was I present in your meetings?
Was MY passion present in your meetings?
Was MY HOLY SPIRIT present in your meetings?

Was time not an option for you?
Or are you still coming together where every minute is timed and MY SPIRIT has no chance to manifest HIMSELF?  How then do you think to be ready if I would come tomorrow?
I tell you, tomorrow is near, very near, and MY bride is ready.  She has prepared herself with fasting and prayer.  She has laid down ​​her life for ME.  She has given all her plans and calendars and agenda in MY HANDS, so I could fill in MY Plans. This is MY bride.  She lives not for herself, but only for her GOD.
If there is anything in your life that you'd rather do, if there is anything in your life that pleases you more than ME, if there is anyone in your life who is more in your mind than I, you are not ready for MY coming and you will be left behind.
Therefore again I call: COME TO YOUR GOD WITH WEEPING AND REPENTANCE!!! Lay down all your plans and let ME plan your life, because the time is short.

Give ME the chance to prepare you as MY bride, how short the time is.  I am a merciful GOD and I want everyone to enter in MY Heavenly Rooms, so come NOW and give your GOD the chance.  This is your last chance.
Soon, I come to rapture MY bride and then it is every man for himself in a very dark and murky world, where the antichrist will chase the remaining Christians, and will make it his goal for you to deny your faith.
If you already deny ME now, because this is what anyone does who is not living according to MY WILL, how do you think to survive during the horrible government of the antichrist who has already invented out all his plans now?  They are invented out in the darkest scenes, where you are not even aware of.
Once MY Light will be removed in this world, all those dark plans will come to light and carried out on a very large scale.  Your GOD knows why HE pleads for HIS people, as I see and hear and know everything what is happening in this world.
Take your responsibility leaders of the church!  Come to ME in your closet MY people and give ME, JESUS ​​the chance to complete MY work in you so that everyone would be ready for MY coming.
Tomorrow is near!  WAKE UP!
Letter 121 Spoken by the LORD JESUS to Susan on June 6, 2011 and June 7, 2011
Yes, I am ready for you to take down MY Words.
These are MY Words. 
The people do not understand what is about to happen for they are not watching.  They are not seeing.  They cannot tell that I, GOD am about to do a new thing in the world.  I am about to bring great changes onto the earth.  I am about to move mountains and bring crashing waves. 
MY Fury is unflinching.  I am unstoppable.  The people cannot see it.  Only a few see it, recognize it.  Only a few are seeing the importance of surrender to ME in this late hour.  I will not continue to tolerate such disrespect in this late hour. 
The people refuse to believe they are lost.  They need direction.  Only MY HOLY SPIRIT can guide them, not the false words of men who know ME not.  They follow after men who offer false promises.  They offer a future that doesn’t exist.  These men that other men follow do not know ME.  They do not know MY Word, MY Holy Book.  They do not know MY warnings to mankind.  They are not aware of MY warnings to mankind.  They do not regard MY Word.  They follow after their own thinking, their own false thinking. 
They talk about a future to come, a future way ahead.  MY children there will not be a future way ahead.  How can this be?  How can mankind survive way into the future when it rejects GOD on such a grand scale?  How do you believe that the world can run successfully for so many years into the future apart from its GOD, apart from MY Rules and Precepts, apart from MY Book, apart from MY SPIRIT, MY HOLY SPIRIT? 
MY children the hour is at hand for ME to put MY bride, MY people who turn to ME with a surrendered heart away for safe keeping.  I must turn and leave the world to its own destruction as it runs completely apart from ME.  I cannot hold back what I have deemed necessary to take place.  The hour is at hand and MY Patience has met its limits and I must put the gears in motion to bring about MY coming Kingdom.
The world has now met its limits of what a HOLY GOD will tolerate with evil.  I cannot sit back any longer and allow the world to carry on further.  I must take hold of MY own, put them in safety, and proceed with MY Plans—Plans that I have outlined in MY Word long ago.
You have known this is coming.  You have been warned.  When men face ME they are without excuse if they say, “I never warned them.”  There will be no excuses.  Warn your friends and family to read MY Book, study MY Word, get to know ME, repent of your ways, and surrender yourself to ME in a complete and full way.
I want full surrenders.  Your partial surrenders are meaningless.  They mean nothing to ME.  THESE SURRENDERS WILL NOT SAVE YOU.  You will face the worst along with those who care nothing for ME. 
Think this over carefully.  Your lukewarm, tepid expressions to ME, while you hold tight to the world, are absolutely putrid before MY HOLY FACE.  MY Face was crushed for you.  MY Face was spit on for you.  MY Beard was ripped off for you.  I did this for you and yet you choose to embrace the world before you come to ME in repentance. 
Think this through carefully.  If you don’t acknowledge ME in this life, I will not acknowledge you before MY FATHER and HIS Heavenly Hosts.  You will scream out for ME to acknowledge you, but it will be too late.  The hour is approaching and I must leave with the bride to the Heavenlies, after I come to retrieve her.  Will you be among the few who have laid down their complete lives and have died to this world to serve ME?
You will not be with ME for eternity in MY Beautiful Kingdom if you do not believe ME to be worth spending time with in this short existence.  You will be with ME in MY Kingdom for eternity, if you cannot find time for ME now in this life, I must believe that you will not want to spend an eternity with ME, your GOD.  I will leave you to spend eternity in hell where those are who had little time for their GOD in this world. 
This may sound cruel and harsh, but I am a jealous GOD and I did not create you to ignore ME.  You were created to find ME and to be an eternal companion.  But if I have no place in your heart as such you may enjoy yourself in a world that knows no such thing as the presence of GOD.  A world without GOD, there will be no joy, love, patience, kindness.  It will be cruel.  This is where MY people go who live their lives without regard for ME.
Now is the hour of preparation, repentance, reading MY Book, knowing your GOD.  This is the moment to prepare and make ready.  Delay too long, and you will be left, and the enemy will be a cruel master to live under. 
I do not take well to rejection.  Read MY Book.  You will know that this is true.  You may reject ME one too many times.  Be careful.  Make time for ME.  What is too much time with your LORD?  There is no such thing.  MY Word says pray without ceasing.  Make ME part of your life daily, hourly, every moment.  This is full surrender.  I want your seconds.  I want your details. 
I am coming soon.  The choice is yours.  CHOOSE!
Matthew 7:21-23 (KJV): 21Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
 22Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
 23And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
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