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When I asked God, Should I provide a place to donate?
The answer came back: "Small donations are called for.
It's the right thing to do."
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Who am I?
You already know who and what I am
.  I am a lover of God, a follower of
Jesus Christ and the prophets as they followed the Holy Scriptures from the beginning
and I am only doing what we all are called to do.  I am a widow (and you know
how God loves to use widows.) 

I was born as Marie Kalivas in Peabody, Massachusetts on August 16, 1944 at 11:47 pm.  My family lived there, and in Monroe, New Hampshire;  Bridgeport, Monroe, and New Milford, Connecticut during my school years.
I lived in New Milford, Connecticut, Miami, Florida and Flint, Michigan
while raising my family of a husband, two sons and a daughter.


In August of 1990 I got "pulled into the word of God" and since then have received great
promises through God and I see my great expectations coming into being. I have been
mostly mailing the truth of God to world government and religious leaders since 1991.
"my tongue is the pen of a ready writer" 
Psalm 45:1 Now the internet is a great tool
to spread His word of blessings and warnings.


From September 1995 through November 1996 I was in Israel/ Palestine

and lived with Palestinians who took me into their homes like a daughter.

The love and respect were wonderful especially since I was telling Muslims

that they were not following the word of God through the prophet Muhammad. 
They thought the Quran contained the Bible when it only points to the Bible,
(Torah, (the five books through Moses), the prophets and the Gospels,)  the WHOLE Bible
to be the guidance for people who would follow God. 


I was very impressed with them; they would even slice vegetables for me and
hand them to me... they wouldn't take a drink of water at the table without
first offering it to me.  Isn't that what God means... to love one another
and be a servant one to another.  I love them... they love to talk of God.

God opened the door for other wonderful people to take me in and I spoke
much the same message as now.... "Correction is needed, you are not following
word of God  to your  prophets, we could have peace instead of destruction
that we are headed toward, and if we know
Leviticus 26
, we know the past,
present and the future.


Since I came to Kansas City, Missouri in 1997 for God reasons, I have gained
even deeper understanding in God's will.  He GAVE me an old house  with
burst water pipes... etc... in need of much work.  I said, "God, you could
have given me a very nice house, what do you want me to learn here?"
It was a lovely double lot with a full size walnut tree in the front. 


I saw that when we brought in our great advancements, electricity, 
plumbing, heating, etc.  we came into bondage because then we had  bills that
required money, so we had to leave our family to get money.  When we got
automobiles, we stopped having useful pets that gave us free food because
we didn't want them to roam the streets... then we have more bills and more
stress... but we were happy because we thought we were prospering and modern
and we didn't see the deception... the dilution. 
I had no car and I was free, I even saw that a bicycle separated us from visiting
with our neighbors when we sped by.


God gave me water to have a garden, wash my clothes and even cleaner
water for food and washing even while I had no water service.  It was great
to see how many ways God made life easy for me while so many were hassled
to do this and accomplish that and still go to their jobs.  My time was spent
at home fixing my house.  I was free to help a neighbor anytime.  It was great.
I felt so free.


This is the message I have for you.  Life is easier than we are making it. 
Those who can, stay home, take care of your family and your home.  Plant
something for food where you can.  You will find that between the cost of
eating out, dry cleaning, child care, and useless things, you really were
not ahead by working outside the home.


It is a great experience for your children to be a part of a garden lifestyle ...
(with it can come campfires under the stars, fishing, frolicking with useful pets,
time with loved ones) and make your children a part of it, from the youngest
to the oldest, it is a life working for your own enjoyment and health.  A garden
pulls you out into God's natural Vitamin D, the sun, to keep you strong and well.
The blessings just keep coming.  God has such a wonderful life for us.


This is what God means by "come out from among them, be ye separate
from the world" ... we can do that.  God guided us to it when He warned
us a time was coming when we would not be able to buy or sell without
taking a mark in our hand or forehead from those who opposed God's ways. 
If you can't buy or sell, you better have animals and vegetation to supply you.
God is indeed our all in all.  He is in all things and He has all things that we need...
ready and waiting for us.



All people of God and religions need to register to vote,

and vote against what God calls evil.  Praying is not enough; we are the body of Christ here.  We have authority and responsibility here on earth to choose godly leaders.


See "My Qualification" tab for more.  




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We have power to transform our world and to be free people with a stress free life in a garden paradise lifestyle without bondages, wars, debts, fears, diseases, extinction, etc. in glorified slavery we call employment.

We CAN save our world and ourselves.
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Finally we can see real real change we can count on, the Divine-Way. 

Your friend


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