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Bible Prophecies Being Fulfilled

Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Others:

Letter sent as "Religion - Corrections
June 1, 2005  Wednesday
Rabbis and Others:
To go from glory to glory requires a willingness to reread and re-examine our understandings.  For all mysteries to be revealed, we must be willing to look at what others are convinced are from God, and see if it is possible.
In the early 1990's, I determined to follow Torah as Yeshua (Jesus) did, not going to the right or left.  I didn't bring it to modern times, it was supposed to be the same yeaterday, today and forever.  With that firm foundation and the power of God's word, believed, I could see that no religion was following the Word of God that He sent to His prophets.
We "overcome by the word of our testimony and the blood of the lamb and that we love not our lives unto death"; for that reason only, I must tell "part" of my testimony.  God commanded that oil and wine be poured over me as I stood upright.  These words were later spoken into my life:  "All the power Moses had and more, you have, if you use it to My will, otherwise, you will have nothing." and "You will be doing great things in My name."
I understand that the will of God is to gather all people to His truth and He has prepared the way to do it by His word to many prophets.  The Key that opens the door is in 2 Nephi 29 and 30 of the Book of Mormon.  Read it at LDS.org   Scriptures .... See if it can be a working tool if it is believed.
You cannot focus on the religions because you will not see the greatest power..because they are not following the word sent to them.  Look rather at the Words that the people were supposed to follow. Even the prophet, Joseph Smith Jr. was not following in full understanding... he was very young.  If this were a man-made religion, I think you will agree, Joseph never would have inflicted upon himself the commandments that he records as the Doctrines and Covenants (D & C), as revelations from Yeshua and others of God... (also at LDS.org).
For new understanding of Urim & Thummim, see D&C 3, 6, 10:1, 11, 14,  17:1 and 130:8-10.  Then wonder, How could this young man know that?
What I see in the Doctrines and Covenants is that God and Christ have established the government for His Kingdom, government and church... and it will be ready for Yeshua's soon return ... for him to step into it and bring it to correct following and it will be in agreement with many things we know from the early church, before and after Yeshua.
There is also information for the constitution for His kingdom.  The world is looking for a constitution to bring us to unity and God has already provided it.
God has provided the way for all to believe.  I fulfill many prophesies in the Bible and elsewhere.  We are much further along than people think.  I hope you are open to the information that will gather the nations so we learn war no more... because the time and the way are for now.
I felt I should say more to give you greater understanding that this is the time for the gathering:
Regarding the Hebrew calendar, it has been found that 240 years are missing and we are into the 7th day, which is also the 3rd day since Yeshua-Jesus.  Contact Perry Stone or Zola Levitt ministries.
If what I said in the first part of this letter is true, there will be several references in the Bible.
Some of them follow:
The scripture "a woman shall compass a man" in Jeremiah 31:22, is a woman in one with Yeshua, speaking and showing forth Jesus Christ, the Word of God.  This is "Christ in you, the hope of glory."  The woman is surplanted by the man and he has come in the spirit to restore all things through all his holy prophets before he comes again physically when all his enemies will have been defeated and even death is destroyed.
I said, oil and wine were poured over me at God's command.  I am an "anointed one", (other languages call that Christ, Messiah, etc.)
I had to come to an understanding about that:  I am not Yeshua-Jesus in a woman's body ... for I had a broken bone and not a bone of him shall be broken, neither is a man to wear a woman's garment, nor to deceive.  It is not my body that is the "Anointed One", "Messiah", but the Word of God that I bring, being also the Word of God that He sent, ... even through many prophets and witnesses.
The power of God is not that a person is anointed, but the power of God is when We anoint the word of God with our faith.  At that time, we have "God with Us", Emmanuel.  In me, this is spiritually the birth of the Son of God (the Word of God) Emmanuel through an unmarried woman, betrothed to her husband.
Ezekiel's wheel within a wheel is another picture of religions within religions,  the same religion seen through different eyes, looking out in different directions, and  where they only move when the head of their wheel (religion) moves.  You will understand this better after you read LDS.org 2 Nephi 29.
Genesis 49:10 "The sceptre shall not depart from Judah nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh (the sent one) come, and unto him shall the gathering of the people be."
The sent one is the "word of God" that I have mostly SENT to world and religious leaders since 1991.  "Binding his foal (son) to the vine"... My name is DeVINE. --- see other vine references.
The red heiffer for purification is spiritually the READ heiffer..(Samson called his wife a heiffer).  The words I send are words of truth and clarity thrown at false teachings passed down through generations.
Genesis 49:22-26:  The blessings on Joseph is another picture of confirmation-- fruitful bough (this word will draw all religions and nations into correction to follow Torah, Gospels and the confirmed word of God to the prophets... setting aside errors of the past.)
:25  I am Joseph with "blessings of the breasts and the womb."
:24  "His bow abode in strength and the arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the mighty God of Jacob (from thence is the shepherd, the stone of Israel)"  It is God (His Word and Power) that are the strength, the shepherd, and the stone of Israel, not the man or woman that brings it.
There are two cherabim on the mercy seat facing each other with their wings up to heaven, (another picture,  even as the Gemini twins of a male and his bride.)
I am Rebekkah watering the camels (camels because they take in the spiritual water--the word of God--but they don't give it to others).  My spiritual children will be multitudes.
I am Joseph dwelling in Egypt (a place of "that which is forbidden")  I will bring forth Ephraim & Manasseh and they will be called Israel.  Ephraim means "For God has caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction" and Manasseh "for God hath made me forget all my toil and all my father's house." (Genesis 41:50-52, 2 Nephi 30 LDS.org.)
They will be turned from the industrialization, employment bondage, tourism, vanity and pride of their fathers, back to become people blessed by the things God grows through their hands on their land.  They will not sow and another eat, (It will not be work to produce for export etc.).  They shall not build commercially so another can inhabit and they enrich themselves on the backs of others.
It is "the seed of the woman that crushes the head of the serpent."  "The seed is the word of God."  Genesis 3:15, Luke 8:11.  "God gives seed (more seed) to the sower."
Read all Micah 4, 4:13 "Arise and thresh, O daughter of Zion, for I will make thine horn iron."  (God called Independence, Missouri the centerplace of Zion in a Doctrine and Covenant revelation. Micah  5:1  "Now gather thyself in troops, O daughter of troops"  My troops are peoples and religions and nations that even now are ready to lift their voices to accept the word of God in troops... when those who block this word will be taken out of the way.
I am Rachel who keeps her father's sheep when her soon husband rolls the stone away from the well's mouth so the sheep can drink the truth ... for the shepherds wouldn't allow it until an appointed time. (Genesis 26).
More pictures follow:
Several places it is a female that is the sin offering for atonement ( at-one-ment).
The east gate with it's two leaved gates shall be opened before Messiah.  The gates are named "repentance" and "mercy."  God meets us on the mercy seat... it is more when we have or call for mercy for others that His mercy is on us... as the prayer Yeshua-Jesus taught us to pray:  "forgive us as we forgive others"  ... that means in the same way.
Messiah comes riding on two donkeys... is it with his female counterpart?, his espoused bride heavy with the child Emmanuel?
God's promise of deliverance was in 400 years, Egypt was 430 years; However, John Smith came to America in 1606, 399 years ago... The time is at hand.
In LDS.org, read PEARL OF GREAT PRICE for revelations in The Book of Moses and The Book of Abraham and you will find prophesies and history that will be verified by the books of Moses found inscribed on Mount Ebal in the 1980's.
Another picture of more that one "Bible" or holy book, is the 12 loaves of bread before the altar, each with 2 deals of fine flour... symbolizing that though there be many prophets who bring the word of God in many countries, they all point to the Torah and Gospel to be followed.
Bread and Water are symbolic of the word of God.  The voice of God is often spoken of as the "voice of many waters."
In Ezekiel we find the division of the holy land as commanded by God.  Would the Muslims choose another division if given the choice?  In Ezekiel 47:13, 20-23, Joseph gets two portions and the stranger gets inheritance among the children of Israel as he chooses.  My expectation is that if most people accept God, He will surely show them their own land and place of offerings.  The holy lands will no more be a tourist destination... so people fight to get rich on the holy sites.  There is no need to fight for who it belongs to.  It belongs to God... to do with as He chooses and the Muslims will agree.
Finally, as the last evidence that God verifies me, I was in Israel from September 27, 1995 to November 26, 1996, the time of the two rare lunar eclipses, one in the Passover of 1996 and the other at Feast of Tabernacles 1996.  On Passover, I was taken in by a French family and sat in Elijah's seat.  I left a report of corrections and guidances on the synagogue bullitin board outside.  I was arrested in that night and spent Passover in jail, and also was arrested soon after the Feast of Tabernacles in Jib. (God documented that I was there.)
God Bless You as you prosper this message for others to check out.  God has indeed delivered Israel and the nations can stop their wars and learn war no more... when this message is received and accepted and lifted up in public for the nations to accept it.
Call for a discussion through your government and religious leaders and media.... When the world hears this, they will guide their leaders in the quest for truth.  It is the will of God and it is the desire of the people..
In God's Love,
Marie Kalivas Devine
3023 Montgall Av
Kansas City, Mo. 64123-1515
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