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CD ROM Installation

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Disk Contents

This program contains Five Disks

Each disk must be installed separately. (Since you may not wish to use all of the programs.)

The Bible texts are very large, and to save hard drive space, they remain on your CD ROM.

Disk 1 (You are using now)- Contains Bibles, Sermons, References, Bible Commentary and Clip Art, with appropriate cross references. This disk supports user annotation. Use this disk primarily if you wish to annotate.

Disk 2- Texts as Adobe Acrobat PDF Files. Use this disk primarily for study.

Disk 3- Export. Allows you to export Bibles, Sermons, References and Bible Commentary. All items on Disk 3 may be reproduced or used in any way.

Disk 4- Screensavers.

Disk 5- Audio narration of selected bible verses.

Each disk is installed as indicated below:

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CD-ROM Installation

USING WINDOWS 98 and higher

1.     Place the CD into your CD-ROM drive.

2.     On your taskbar select Start, then click Run.

3.     Type D:\CDSETUP and press the Enter key. (If your CD-ROM drive is not D, then change it to the letter associated with your CD-ROM drive.)

        If you do not have a CDSETUP file, run SETUP.EXE instead.

4.     Follow any instructions that appear on the screen.

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Disk 1 Program main menu

You must place Disk 1 in your CD ROM player to use this part of Bible Suite.

The main menu is as follows:

As you move from Tab to Tab, different texts will appear. Note that there is a scroll bar- you may not see all references on each page.

You may double click or click on OK to see a particular reference.

We have been producing bible software for over ten years. Based on overwhelming user request, we have formatted the texts in this collection primarily by books of the Bible. (Therefore, all of Genesis is grouped together.) This means that some of the larger texts, such as Bible Commentaries, may take several moments to load.

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Accessing clip art

To access clip art, click on CLIP ART. 

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The Bible Dictionary screen:

allows you to jump directly to a particular letter of the alphabet:

by clicking on the combo box, then highlighting the letter of your choice. (There are no defined terms for the Letter "X".) Use the navigator:

to move once you have selected the letter. From left to right:

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Reading texts

After you have selected a text, you will see a display similar to the following:


The text view includes a tool bar:

The tool bar icons are, from left to right:

PRINT- Prints out the text (warning- some can be hundreds of pages)

PRINT SETUP- Chooses printer and printing options

SELECT ALL- Selects all

COPY- Allows you to copy your selection (all or part of the text) to word processors and other programs via the clipboard. In general, you can then insert the text into any Windows program.

FIND- Searches.

Annotating the texts

Click on FILE, annotations, or click F4 (function key 4, above the numerals on your keyboard.) You will then see the annotation dialog:

If you click on F2 while typing your annotation, you will see additional text formatting choices:

these choices and controls are similar to Microsoft's Word Pad, OpenOffice.Org writer, and other word processors.

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Permissions- Right to Reuse- Disk 1


Except for:

Millennium Promise Book

Cruden's Bible Dictionary 3000

You may distribute and reproduce the texts included in this program (not the program or disk) except for Millennium Promise Book and Crudent's Bible Dictionary. All texts on Disk 3 may be reused as you see fit. We recommend using Disk 3 for preparing files to share because it has export friendly features.

If you wish permission to use Millennium Promise Book contents or Cruden's Bible Dictionary 3000, please email customer support and explain your proposed use. Again, if you install and use Disk 3, all texts on that disk are free to use. 

Clip art:

You may use the clip art on your web pages, church publications and other printed or computer documents. However, you may NOT distribute the files themselves alone.

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We are proud to offer FREE autoupdate service from the Internet. This service is FREE, and good for the life of this program.


COSMI AutoUpdate Program Information

To make sure that you have the very latest and greatest updates for your COSMI applications, we are including this AutoUpdate module. AutoUpdate overwrites your COSMI program files automatically from a secure COSMI Support website area, in order to add improvements, new features and bug fixes. And this all takes place automatically, without you having to download or install them yourself!

NOTE:  You must have an Internet connection enabled on your computer in order for AutoUpdate to run and gather updates to your installed files. 

When you first install a COSMI application that includes the AutoUpdate feature, AutoUpdate runs automatically, as soon as the installation is completed.  It will install any updates that are available for the new program, and for all the other COSMI applications on your computer that have AutoUpdate enabled. 

Status messages appear in the COSMI AutoUpdate window as the program runs, telling you which programs are being checked for updates, whether updates have been found, and what the File Transfer progress is.  Once the message “Update Complete” appears, click Close to close the window.

 Once your application is installed, you should run AutoUpdate periodically by selecting it from the Windows Start menu, so that all the recent improvements for COSMI software are added to your computer!

No information about you or your computer is collected during Autoupdate.

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We encourage all of our users to provide comments and suggestions about this program. This program is supported by Internet, telephone, fax and e-mail.

Internet support

Visit our website for answers to frequently asked questions:

Voice Support

For telephone support, call Cosmi Customer Service at 1-310-886-3510:

Monday through Thursday, 8:30 am - 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Pacific time.

Friday, 8:30 am - 12:00 noon. Pacific time.


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You may fax any customer support questions to: 310-886-3517.


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The disk on which this software is recorded will be replaced within 90 days of purchase if found to be defective in material or workmanship.  This shall constitute the sole remedy of purchaser and the sole liability of COSMI, Inc.


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