Permissions- Right to Reuse- Yes you can reproduce the items on this disk!

Starting export

Selecting what to export

    Filters- choosing to export just part of a reference

    Common types of filters

        Just what you see on the screen

        Just one testament

        Just the Books of Moses (or any consecutive books)

After filtering, returning to the complete text

Available Formats

    To exchange texts with other computer users

    (Advanced topic) Formatting your export in this program

Customer service and support

Permissions- Right to Reuse

All of the texts contained on Disk 3 of Bible Suite (the disk required to use the Export program) may be reproduced without restriction. It is not necessary to contact Cosmi. This means you can post texts on the web or exchange the exported data with anyone.

There are some items on Disk 1 (Database) and Disk 2 (PDF files) that are copyright. These are not included on this disk. As of the date of first release of this program, the only copyright items are:

Millenium Promise Book

Cruden's Bible Dictionary

But all materials on this disk are free to use. This program and program disk are copyright and must be licensed (purchased at retail.)

Please do not write or call for permission! You already have it!

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Starting export

You must place Bible Suite disk 3 (Export) in your CD player. The program will not function without it. Click on Bible Export from the Bible Suite group to begin this program.

Important note:

We have been producing bible software for over ten years. Based on overwhelming user request, we have formatted the texts in this collection primarily by books of the Bible. (Therefore, all of Genesis is grouped together.) This means that some of the larger texts, such as Bible Commentaries, may take several moments to load.

After starting, you will see the following screen:

Click on each tab to see the texts in the different categories.

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Selecting what to Export

After you have selected the reference that you wish to review, you will see the type of screen:

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Vitally important

Filters- Choosing to export just part of a text

IF YOU CLICK ON EXPORT YOU WILL EXPORT THE ENTIRE REFERENCE. In the case of a Bible translation or reference, you may export tens of thousands of pages unless you limit your export job by use of a FILTER. This program exports the active reference, not just the screen that you see. If you wish to export all, do nothing.

To filter:

Click on the FILTER button, located in the middle of the bottom of the screen. You will then see a screen similar to this:

A few words on filters:

Bibles and Bible Comments are generally best filtered by TESTAMENTS or ORDER.

Every section of all texts has an "ORDER", which is a number. The easiest way to filter is by order.

Common types of filters:

        Set the filter to FIELD VALUE to the present ORDER. For example, when using a Bible, to limit the export JUST TO MATTHEW:


        set the filter to ORDER 40 (or Book Matthew:)

        or, set the filter to BOOK Matthew:


       Set the Testament to Old or New.

      Set the Order as 1 to 5:


After filtering, seeing all parts of the text again

Always clear filters after you are done! Click on the clear button.

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Available Formats

You may export either RTF (includes bold, underlines and other text formatting) OR plain text. To select, click on OPTIONS.

The present export type is shown by the bullet.

The program begins in ASCII format. This is because RTF may not be recognized by some types of programs used after you export. ASCII also allows you to reformat the text.

The types of files you can create include, for ASCII:


DBF: D Base/Fox Pro

CSV: Comma Separated values

XML: Extensible markup language

DIFF, SYLK, LaTex and SQL are specialized formats not normally used except in corporate or government databases. However, we have received requests for this type of export, so it is included.

The export dialog

Is shown after you click export:

You must select a file (top of dialog) format, and may then click on each of the tabs for advanced settings. This is not generally required.

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To exchange Bible Texts with other computer users

We suggest that you exchange data in HTML.  HTML is the most universal format, since more than 99.99% of computer users have web browsers (or can get them for free, for example from Netscape.)  One advantage of HTML is that it works on Windows brand computers and Macintosh brand computers. Permission is not needed to use the materials exported from this program disk. You may also edit HTML with most word processors, or HTML editors (including the free Open Office.Org suite.)

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(Advanced Topic) Formatting your Output in this program

You may format the output in this program. Generally, the best way to format output, such as adding your own comments, adding images or adding pleasing typography is to do so after exporting in your favorite word processor, web editor, or other program. This program does have limited capability to pre-format data. These options are accessed after clicking on Export, and may be saved and reused.

Fields--- you may wish to just output part of the data.

You may wish to format numbers (there aren't many)

Add a header or footer


and, finally, options are provided for each export type.

Customer Support

Please see the main program manual for support email, fax and phone contacts, warranty and other information.